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The term ‘3D printing’, however, is relatively new, and has captured the public imagination. The technology has a particular resonance with dentistry, and with advances in 3D imaging and modelling technologies such as cone beam computed tomography and intraoral scanning, and with the relatively long history of the use of CAD CAM technologies in dentistry, it will become of increasing importance. Uses of 3D printing include the production of drill guides for dental implants, the production of physical models for prosthodontics, orthodontics and surgery, the manufacture of dental, craniomaxillofacial and orthopaedic implants, and the fabrication of copings and frameworks for implant and dental restorations.

Judicious incorporation of 3D imaging technologies and CAD CAM has brought about planning surgeries on a virtual patient. The surgeon can enhance his craft by making use of these technologies to 3D print the CBCT data to create an exact replica of the hard tissues and use the model for patient education or even practice a mock surgery.

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  • Patient education models
  • Mock surgery models

How to approach us?

Mail the CBCT scan in DICOM format & dental cast scan in STL format via we-transfer to ddscochin@gmail.com

How do we respond?

We will dispatch the guide within 7 working days.

Work Flow


Starting Point

Send the patient directly to our center / Mail the CBCT scan in DICOM format via we-transfer to ddscochin@gmail.com Or Courier the data in a portable storage device (CD/Pendrive) to our address.


Assessment of the data by our team for planning the implant.


Within 7 working(minimum) days the model is dispatched to the client's address.


Models for patient education and mock surgery.

Mail us the cbct scan in DICOM format via we transfer at ddscochin@gmail.com or courier CD to our center.
Note: Make sure you are sending only the raw DICOM data and not the processed images with the viewer.

We will dispatch the model within 7 working days.

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